We manage public funding strategies for our clients

Vera Partner specialises in securing non-dilutive funding in order to help clients develop groundbreaking innovations and new value chains that reach out to international markets. Our personnel have acquired more than 20 million € in funding from both national and EU-funding mechanisms.


National funding

We access grants for our clients from the national funding mechanism in Finland, the Nordic countries, and the UK.


We have developed our own unique method for efficiently writing high quality grant applications in order to access grants from EU-level programs, like Horizon 2020.

Consortium building

Most EU-funding programs require more than one applicant. We have built value chains for our clients that include companies from Europe, Canada, USA, South Korea, Australia, and South Africa.

Other services

Sometimes clients want to access loans, private finance, or the clients require more resources to complete projects. We have helped in this situation using our resources or networks.


Rapal secures 1,5 million €

Rapal Oy receives 1,5 million € in funding with Vera Partner to develop next generation occupancy analytics platform.

Dataridoo secures 350 000 €

Dataridoo secures 350 000 € with Vera Partner in order to develop a new service distribution platform.

Industrial component supplier secures 500 000 € of funding

Industrial component supplier secures 500 000 € of funding with Vera Partner in order to develop new AI-based technology.

Vera Partner launches a new website!

Vera Partner has launched its new website which was designed by the Finnish web design company, MuseTech.