Winning and innovative public funding strategies to help our clients meet their business goals efficiently

Secure non-dilutive funding, acquired over 20 million euros in funding from both national and EU-funding mechanisms

National funding

National funding  program structures, conditions and funding rates differ significantly from each other. We have extensive experience in applying to most Nordic and Central European countries.

We help clients formulate the grant strategies, write the applications and manage administration and project reporting. 

A typical use case for national grants is technology development, which does not require extensive collaboration or international partners. Here is the  question - what do we want to develop? 

National grants can be also used in certain cases as a tool for speeding up the 1st wave of sales of our clients solutions on a new international market.

Europe funding

The European funding framework is highly complex. We have extensive experience in applying to Horizon EIC, RIA, IA, and piloting actions. Equally we have experience from Eureka family of programs and many others. 

A typical use case for EU grants is technology development, that requires collaboration and international partners. Here the question is significantly different from national funding i.e. The company should ask itself not only what great new innovations do we want to develop in the next 3 to 4 years, but what do we want other companies in the value-chain to do for us. 

Other projects

We create and execute strategies on behalf our client to tie into their project and objectives complex international value-chains that include several countries in Europe or beyond and consist of high tech companies (e.g. Planmed, Dectris, etc.), global brands (e.g. Siemens GmbH, Volvo Penta AB, etc.), leading research institutes (Fraunhofer, VTT, Rise, etc).

We have processes and extensive databases that we can use for the benefit of our clients. 

Equally our skills and processes can be used to  access loans, and even private finance.

Customer examples

Evertz Group Europe GmbH
Heinzel Group GmbH
Kokoa Agency
Dectris AG
Fraunhofer Institute
Sievo Oy
Buddy Healthcare Oy
Planmed Oy
Diktamen Oy
Havkraft AS
Resen Waves AG
Rapal Oy
Axolot AB 

Metal industry, paper industry, gaming industry, photonics, procurement and AI, medical SW, medical HW, wave energy, building management, chemical industry.

Customer reference quotes
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 All our application writers have PhD level education