Case examples

Funding to integrate research with product development

Project received a total of € 1,6 million in grant funding to develop a new big data solution with state-of-the-art algorithms. The algorithms were developed in cooperation with an internationally recognised research organisation.

EU funding to develop new technology

Project received a total of € 2,5 million in grant funding in order to develop ecological recyclable materials, a new robotic manufacturing line, and a turn-key service.

National funding to develop new products or services

A small medical technology company secured more than 600 000 € to develop new antibacterial coating compound to be used in fabrics, a small Finnish educational technology company received more than 500 000 € to develop a new platform for teachers, a medium sized company secured more than 700 000 € to develop the perfect kitchen of the future.

Funding to help secure flagship customer in a new market

Project received a total of €1,8 million in grant funding in order to develop Inter of Things network technology for the South-Korean and Asian energy market. Project resulted in commercial cooperation with KEPCO, which is one of Asia’s largest energy companies.